Don’t Blink Photography

Jeffrey Davis • Photographer

(Servicing DC, N. VA, MD and parts of DE and PA)

Tip 12: How long should you wait to get Dressed?

(getting ready before everyone else)


Tip 11: The Kissing of the Bride

(Don’t be timid)


Tip 10: Where to Stand for the Toast

(A Toasting Picture VS A Talking Picture)


Tip 9: Flashy Jewelry Worn by the Officiant

(Ensuring nothing competes with your ring)


Tip 8: Managing Wedding Party Pictures

(Ensuring key people are there)


Tip 7: Staying together during the day

(Why it may matter in the pictures)


Tip 6: Enjoying the Day

(Tips to remove stress)


Tip 5: Background Distractions

(Keeping the shots focused on the bride)


Tip 4: A Picture Perfect Dress

(Preparing the room)


Tip 3: The Receiving Line

(Capturing every guest)


Tip 2: Facing each other

(So we can see you)


Tip 1: What if You’re Camera Shy

(Ideas that may help)